ItsMeMorphious App Submitted to App Store (Awaiting Review)

Earlier today, i successfully finished re-writing ‘ItsMeMorphious’ app which was then submitted to apples app store. Hopefully in the next couple of days it will be officially be on the app store and you guys can go ahead and download it for free!

Okay so lets go over what the app features.

The app is mainly to eliminate the inefficiency of searching for people on youtube or on twitter, in this case ItsMeMorphious, normally you would have to go into youtube and go through several links to find the latest youtube video made by Carlos (itsMeMorphious), but for people with iPhones and/or iPads will be able to keep up to date with carlos, with twitter updates as well as having his entire youtube video library in the app which connects to the youtube app without actually exiting the ItsMeMorphious App.


Xcode Failed Me – Development Slowed

Hey guys.

Seems that xcode decided to glitch on me, thinking i was writing out my apps in iPhone OS 4 SDK when i obviously wasn’t. Had ItsMeMorphious’ app ready to go and guess what happens! iTunes connect (which is where you send off your apps) rejects it saying i’m uploading a OS 4 App. HOW fustrating, since i’ve now re-coded the app from scratch 3 times now. So as a result i’m uninstalling Xcode and re-installing it which should fix the problem, but i aint having the new OS4 Beta. Which seemed to F**k it up a bit.

haha Rant over.

Jordan OUT

ItsMeMorphious iPhone app demo

Hey guys.

Just thought i’d upload a video to youtube of what and how the itsmemorphious app looks as well as how it functions on the iPhone OS.

From recent pictures in my other post, i have done a little more coding to make the app run more smoothly as well as changing some features to suit the overall theme

18/04/2010 Apps WIP (work in progress)

At this moment in time, i’m developing 2 apps for the iphone that will be similar to the DRBUK app i created.

My current aim, is to get the most successful people in the tech community on the iphone (a place where they’re youtube videos) can be gathered in one place, as well as their  tweets.

1) Its Me Morphious App

About a week or so ago, i asked carlos (its me morphious) if i could create him an iPhone app. It said ‘lets see what i can come up with’. So i’ve come up with a customish GUI which im experimenting with. Here is what it looks like

I’ve made the top part of the UI to resemble his Youtube Page. I think its quite well but a few problems did occur. At the top i couldn’t put a refresh button there since i’m using UIimageview so i had to resort to adding a ‘tool bar’ to the bottom of the screen, just above the tabs.

To keep with Carlos’ theme i also designed the app icon to be similar to his youtube page. This is what it looks like.

iPhone App up and running!

Hey there guys!

My iPhone app is offically in the app store! woop woop.

Yeah, for those who don’t know i made an app for Adrian (DRBUK) which will help keep his iPhone viewers/subscribers) up to date with his videos and tweets. This helps people navigate to his page ALOT quicker as everything is pre-programmed into the app so its just quicker to find the tweets as well as his Youtube Library of videos.

In v1.1 all that was changed was the twitter asethetics. It looks ALOT better if i may say. And hopefully i can get good reviews in which i could help improve my apps in the future.

If you have any questions or problems. Send an Email to

I will hopefully send a reply within 24 hours.

Hello world!

Hey there people, thanks for visiting my Blog!

Oh and bare in mind that i won’t have a lot of stuff on this site as i am still relatively new so please bare with me 🙂