At this moment in time, i’m developing 2 apps for the iphone that will be similar to the DRBUK app i created.

My current aim, is to get the most successful people in the tech community on the iphone (a place where they’re youtube videos) can be gathered in one place, as well as their  tweets.

1) Its Me Morphious App

About a week or so ago, i asked carlos (its me morphious) if i could create him an iPhone app. It said ‘lets see what i can come up with’. So i’ve come up with a customish GUI which im experimenting with. Here is what it looks like

I’ve made the top part of the UI to resemble his Youtube Page. I think its quite well but a few problems did occur. At the top i couldn’t put a refresh button there since i’m using UIimageview so i had to resort to adding a ‘tool bar’ to the bottom of the screen, just above the tabs.

To keep with Carlos’ theme i also designed the app icon to be similar to his youtube page. This is what it looks like.