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ItsMeMorphious App Submitted to App Store (Awaiting Review)

Earlier today, i successfully finished re-writing ‘ItsMeMorphious’ app which was then submitted to apples app store. Hopefully in the next couple of days it will be officially be on the app store and you guys can go ahead and download it for free!

Okay so lets go over what the app features.

The app is mainly to eliminate the inefficiency of searching for people on youtube or on twitter, in this case ItsMeMorphious, normally you would have to go into youtube and go through several links to find the latest youtube video made by Carlos (itsMeMorphious), but for people with iPhones and/or iPads will be able to keep up to date with carlos, with twitter updates as well as having his entire youtube video library in the app which connects to the youtube app without actually exiting the ItsMeMorphious App.


Xcode Failed Me – Development Slowed

Hey guys.

Seems that xcode decided to glitch on me, thinking i was writing out my apps in iPhone OS 4 SDK when i obviously wasn’t. Had ItsMeMorphious’ app ready to go and guess what happens! iTunes connect (which is where you send off your apps) rejects it saying i’m uploading a OS 4 App. HOW fustrating, since i’ve now re-coded the app from scratch 3 times now. So as a result i’m uninstalling Xcode and re-installing it which should fix the problem, but i aint having the new OS4 Beta. Which seemed to F**k it up a bit.

haha Rant over.

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Hello world!

Hey there people, thanks for visiting my Blog!

Oh and bare in mind that i won’t have a lot of stuff on this site as i am still relatively new so please bare with me 🙂